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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the kind of city for which the word ‘metropolis’ was invented. It’s home (for want of a better word) to over 25 million people and there are more lurching skyscrapers than you could fly a fleet of planes into. (Not that Brazil has any kind of foreign policy that could provoke such a reaction if they wanted to, they’re far too busy oppressing their own people)

Even the Paulistas rarely have a good word to say about the crowded, unjust city in which they live in, quite a thing in a country where people are fiercely proud to be Brazilian. They even sound apologetic for living in Sao Paulo in the first place but shrug and mention the good salaries and leave it at that.

Naturally, there are some cool night clubs to service the people making the money (they hardly cater to the millions who aren’t sure what they’ll eat tomorrow) but it’s common enough that Brazilians from Sao Paulo will even fly out to somewhere cool in Brazil for the weekend before returning back for the slog on Monday morning.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s really dangerous?

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