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Even Worse Cities

When we at road junky decided to play the anti-guidebook card recently and pick out 10 of the worst places you could ever visit, we were amazed and amused by the reactions. People screamed out that Cancun has lovely beaches, Singapore is nice and clean and that Milan has hot fashion. They called us shallow and suggested we hadn’t been to those places.

Which we found hilarious. Because to note that somewhere like Liverpool is famous for having the Beatles is about as shallow an observation as you get. Our comments were more tongue in cheek observations on the worst excesses of modern civilization and consumer travel.

Like, trains probably ran on time in Hitler’s Germany, members of the KKK baked good apple pies and the people of Cali, Colombia, are good looking despite the murderous cocaine cartels there. A dump with icing on the top is still a dump.

In fact, the best criticism we got was from travelers who pointed out that we’d missed some of the worst places, especially in poor old Africa. We ignored hellholes like Jo’burg, Nairobi, Lagos and Cairo.

But hey, we figured Africa has suffered enough in recent history….