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Bombay is the logical conclusion of everything that’s gone wrong in India. The pollution, the over-population, the communal violence, the corruption – it’s like a bad dream that never ends and it seems unlikely that India will ever wake it from it.

There are parts of Bombay with over a million inhabitants per square mile, breathing the air here is like smoking 20 cigarettes a day and whilst the money rolls into the country from outside investors, the poor get even poorer than they were before with no reliable water supply, no sewage system and no rights.

Bombay is just manic. Around 400 people die each month just from overcrowding on the internal train system. The only miracle is that the poor just take the shit they’re given with such calm and good grace – but then comes a Hindu-Muslim riot and thousands are slaughtered in a day while the police look the other way.

Welcome to Bombay, the pride of Incredible India. (although to be honest, places like Delhi and Agra are just as bad).

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