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Any American Suburb

Some people say America has no culture but Road Junky doesn’t agree. Think of all the great movies of Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Jim Jarmusch, think of jazz, the blues, Hendrix and Tom Waits. Not to mention Bukowski, Kerouac and Hunter Thompson.

Unfortunately, though, this is not the American culture which is sweeping the planet and making it a homogenous, insipid and sinister place to live. And there’s nowhere worse to experience the worst of American culture than any city suburb, especially if in the fundamentalist Christian heart of the country.

The average American city has grown around the culture of the car and so only bums and complete losers ever try and walk anywhere. The car has given rise to all those soulless marts where they actually have to pay people to say hello to you as you go in to dumb your brain on aisle after aisle of sweat-shop-produced goods, all served to you by the minimum wage teenage immigrant worker who the mart got cheap.

In these cities comprised mainly of suburbs, the only place to hang out is the mall and the only place to get there is by car. People drive to work alone, one person to each car. They work alone in cubicles designed to cut down time-wasting socialising in the office. They shop alone without making eye contact and then go home to watch TV alone and think about what to buy next.

Maybe they’ll look for a date alone, online.

And the scary thing is that the only people being social and getting together are the ones who think that Adam and Eve played with dinosaurs.

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