Travel Ideas

10 of the Worst Cities

Stuck for ideas on where to travel next? If you’re feeling masochistic, you can always try these shit holes…

There’s a slang in Spanish, de mala muerte, which means ‘a bad place to die in’. Road Junky decided to gather together 10 of the worst cities in the world to visit, destinations that the traveler would only ever spend any time if he were a masochistic connoisseur of bad places to die.

The competition was intense for places in the top 10, with industrial towns, gang-ridden metropolises and sterile metropolises the world over vying for their shot of fame. Since Road Junky announced the formation of the 10 Worst Cities in the World, we’ve had mayors, dictators and religious leaders from across the globe on the phone, begging us to acknowledge what abysmal shit holes they represent.

Sadly, there was only limited space available and we had to apologise to Cairo, San Salvador, Lagos, Warsaw and Delhi – it’s tough at the top and the Road Junky decision is final.

Let it not be said that we’re not democratic, though – if you would like to suggest any other candidates for nuclear annihilation, we’ll happily listen and perhaps add your city to the list under ‘notable contenders’.