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Sinai, Egypt

Sinai once belonged to Israel until Egypt was bribed with land concessions in return for a peace deal. You wouldn’t really know it, though, for all the Israelis that come down to Sinai to hang out in the Bedouin hoosha tents, set against the smoky desert hills and the stunning Red Sea.

But if it was truly part of Israel the whole area would already be developed whereas under the less organized Egyptians the magic of Sinai continues and there are few better places to go hang out in nature, smoke, eat and jam with other musicians.

It’s the kind of place where you rent a little hut by the sea and you spend your days drinking tea, reading and talking to the other free souls who are hanging out. Maybe you’ll go for a swim and blow your mind at the freaky sea life through your snorkel glass, or maybe you’ll walk back into one of the wadis and find a quiet place to meditate among the colourful rocks.

At night people stroll around in the moonlight, make music around a fire (the wood has to be brought in as it’s a desert) and just listen to the sound of the waves preaching the sacred sound of Eternity, man.

Israelis are the population in force but following bombings in some of the more touristy Sinai resorts and the threat of kidnappings, tourism is down and the Bedouin are facing hard times.

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