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San Francisco, California

If you’re going to San Francisco,

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

If you’re goin’ to San Francisco,

You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.

The American counterculture of the 60’s revolved around Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco before the flower power generation hit 30 and started worrying about their pensions.

Still, there’s lots of great hippie history here and is worth a pilgrimage to understand where it all started and see how the head shops cashed in on the name.

There are plenty of freaks left in San Fran and the Bay Area though, even if the rent these days forces many into rougher neighbourhoods.

The Bay Area is one of the few places in America you can still walk around and the music, arts and freak communities are burning strong, in part thanks to the Burning Man vibe that keeps unorthodoxy in fashion.

Just head down to Golden Gate Park with your medical marijuana and don’t be surprised if the tribal freak you meet is an IT engineer in working hours.

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