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Palenque, Mexico

All the Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatemala attract the kind of people who are interested in ancient cultures… alright, the kind of people who like to get stoned around the monuments of ancient cultures and interpret the shamanic sculptures according to their own lights.

Palenque in particular draws a good crowd of hippies who take a break from the cute beach town of Tulum to head to the rainforest jungle, get bitten by mozzies and trip out on strong grass and magic mushrooms.

No one hangs out in the town of Palenque much itself but rather in the various shacks and cabins that line the main road through the jungle up to the ruins themselves. There you can find the hippies, freaks and stoners who were waiting for 2012 and are  convinced that we’re all living in the 5th dimension now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us.

One look in their eyes and you might be convinced they’re living in another dimension as well.

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