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Nimbin, Australia – Hippie Travel Scenes

Nimbin was a dying town in the north of New South Wales, nor far from another recent hippie hangout, Byron Bay. Then in the early 1970’s, some art students decided to stage the Aquarius Festival, bringing together a bunch of hippies for art, music and good times.

It helped that the climate was extremely conducive to growing good marijuana and for a good while, Nimbin was a cool place to drop out of the system, grow some good herb and live off dole cheques from the generous Australian welfare system.

Nimbin is still one of the few places in the world where you can buy weed on the street, smoke in the cafes and there’s a strong alternative vibe in the town. The Mardi Grass is staged every year in May but has become more of a street festival than a marijuana protest these days and there’s a constant struggle with the police to let it go ahead as planned.

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