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Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara remains special in large part due to its remoteness. Situated on the north coast of Brazil, it’s far enough away from the world’s attention that the only serious tourism this little beach town receives is from the nearby Brazilian city of Fortaleza.

Jeri is growing fast though and fills up at weekends and holidays like Easter (semana santa) and new year, when Brazilians with money to burn invade for a few days to drink, party and get laid. Even Brazilians from Sao Paolo who can afford to come will hit town when they can get a week off.

Backpackers also pass through Jericoacoara and many end up staying for a good deal long than they planned. The sand dunes are the big attraction and every day there’s a crowd of people who climb the slopes to watch the sunsets and the exploits of the dune surfers. There hippies gather to make music, sing and flirt.

Jericoacoara is the kind of place you can space out in nature, dance at night and not find anyone who worries about much more than getting caught in a tropical shower.

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