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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean and is famous mostly for it’s extensive and prohibitively expensive club scene, the sort of place that the worst elements of Europe go to get fucked up on a 5 night summer holiday.Luckily, the drunken Brits who spend each night fighting, throwing up in the street and having sex in the swimming pools all stay in close proximity to their hotels in the tourist villages. The rest of the island remains lovely.

Ibiza has deep hippie roots  and, as usual, it was the freaks who first brought prosperity to the island, living in the forest in the 70’s and banging bongo drums on the beaches. Back then no one had cars and to visit friends might take a 2 day walk across the island. Many of the original hippies now live in secluded houses in the forest and continue a peaceful way of life, making their money from the markets that draw thousands every week.

There are still drum jams on Beneras Beach and plenty of dope smoke, casual sex and good times to be had in a thousand hidden corners of the island. The trouble with Ibiza these days is that prices are going up so fast that soon no self-respecting hippie will be able to afford to live there…

Ibiza – a hippie paradise?