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Goa, India

Goa was where all the original hippie travelers in India went in the wintertime to share their stories and experiences and party on the beaches at full moon. The ambience of the tropical beaches, the tolerant local Goans and the good charas from the mountains meant that Goa was perhaps THE hippie hangout for many years.

The miracle was only that it lasted so long. Even with the arrival of the trance parties the scene just evolved to a new level and a fresh psychedelic wave of ravers gave Goa a new lease of life.¬†From 1965 tuntil the early 200o’s, Goa has had one of the longest counterculture scenes and on the dancefloors you can find freaks from 16 to 76 dancing away.

With the liberalization of the Indian economy though, the mafia developers moved in like vultures and they built resorts left right and centre. Cars are now everywhere on the narrow Goan roads and prices went up, up, up.

There is still Arambol Beach, however, and there hippies and free souls meet on the beach to sing or meditate at sunset, make music and generally lead a peace-loving and spiritual life under the palm trees.

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