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Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury is the region of England which thrives on New Age tourism as fans of all things Celtic (nothing to do with football) come to align themselves with ley lines, drink from the sacred springs and imagine themselves walking in the steps of King Arthur. If all else fails, they can pass away the hours in the crystal shops considering just what colour of quartz would Morgan le Fay have worn?

Glastonbury is of course famous for the Glastonbury Festival which draws huge numbers every year and its roots are in country England bohemia which flourishes in the nearby villages. There you can walk around with crystals around your neck free from any kind of persecution and ask people their sign before you ask their name.

And if the hippy scene at Glastonbury is a little too commercial for you, then you can always travel 40 miles to get all pagan at Stonehenge – a circle of standing stones arranged to receive the solstice. In fact, a dedicated bunch now reenact the ancient druidic rituals on June 21st, much to the annoyance of the local police who regard regard hippies playing pagans as a threat to national security.