Travel Ideas


The great thing about Sydney is that it’s in Australia, an enormous and beautiful continent island that’s miles away from anywhere. America and the Middle East can annihilate each other in nuclear war for all you care – you’ve got koalas and kangaroos.

Whilst much of Australia is full of obese red necks, Sydney is a cool city with plenty of happening nightlife, student vibes and home to people who have a better than average chance of finding France on the map.

More than that, Sydney has beaches with surf, blondes in skimpy swim wear (male and female) and is also home to the largest natural harbour in the world – for many, commuting to work means hopping on a ferry through one of the most stunning waterways in the world.

Unlike most major cities, Sydney is friendly, it’s ethnically diverse and the only real worry the traveler has is to watch out for the funnel web spiders beneath the toilet seats.