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All roads once led to Roma, nowadays all American tour buses head there but it’s still the coolest city in Italy – if you can afford to live there. Rome feels like a modern city with tens of thousands of Vespa scooters buzzing around the city but it still has an historical feel to it with shady sidestreets, crumbling architecture and plazas filled with the best renaissance art.

Rome has some of the coolest nightlife in Italy, some of the most beautiful people dressed to kill and there are a million chic little bars and cafes tucked away on side streets where you can pose, flirt and generally act cool. Watch any Roman and get the idea in no time.

For all it’s iconic status as the art capital of Europe and the meeting point of north and south Italy, Rome is a pretty small city and you can just about navigate most of it on foot. The smallness of Rome means it’s prohibitively expensive to live there though with sky high rents that force most bohemian types out into the suburbs.

The center of town is where the cool traveler wants to be though and so a good option is to hook up with a casa occupata, the squatting scene being fairly strong in Rome.

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