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God knows if Isfahan will be beautiful by the time the West completes their plan to destabilise all the of Middle East but in the meantime if you get the chance – go.

The spellbinding architecture of Isfahan was built at the height of ancient Persia’s empire (yes, they had one, too) and was the mad, inspired dream of sultans who wanted their legacy to live long after their names were forgotten – we certainly have.

What you have are enormous public squares with grassy areas in the middle where families come to picnic (you’ll be very welcome) and overlooked by blue mosques and turquoise towers. The Islamic art on the mosques features no images (check the 3rd commandment) but the combination of patterns is almost psychedelic and leaves you a little dizzy. Head inside the Blue Mosque on Imam Square and you’ll find a dome where your echo comes back 7 times.

When you’re bored with mosques, buy some of the best dates in the world, a pile of nan and head down to the river to sit on the exquisite bridges, drink tea and argue about poetry with Iranian intellectuals.

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