Travel Ideas


Amsterdam is famous for being party-central in Europe due to its permissive culture and coffee shops with every kind of ganja under the sun for sale. Shaped something like a horseshoe, the centre of Amsterdam is a great place to wander around in circles and then blame it on the grass. It’s one of the only cities where you can set off to go somewhere and it makes no difference whether you go left or right.

In summer everyone is on the grass – in the parks, where the locals go to rollerskate, play music or just hang out, making Amsterdam one of the least urban cities you’ll find. In many ways it feels like a village just pretending to be a city and it’s the kind of place where you’ll bump into friends in the street.

Tourism can get a bit intense in summer and the city is freezing in winter but the city retains a scenic magic in each season with picturesque canals where you can sit and drink a beer and munch on a waffle.

Amsterdam is also a pretty happening place and, with a strong squatting culture, there’s every kind of bar, club and alternative performance going on that you could want.