Part of the fun of running Road Junky is reading all the stories that come in from travellers around the world. So from now on we’ll be running regular travel writing and travel photography contests bring out the spirit of road junkies across the world.

Saint Augustine the Travel Writer

Augustine, one of the early travel writers…

Summer 2013 Hell Trips Writing Contest

The theme for the first of our contests is Hell Trips – the journeys where everything went badly, where you were robbed, got lost, got dumped, lost hope, driven insane, the trips where you thought you had become a poster child for Murphy’s Law which states that what can go wrong will go wrong.

First prize is 200 euros and all runners up will be published on the website.

Read the submissions guidelines.




Autumn Travel Photography Contest

In September we’ll be running a travel photography contest and we’re still thinking over what the theme will be. There’s a good chance it will be based on images of tourists though…