About Road Junky

Road Junky was started as a response to the guide book industry that tries to sell experience and turn travel into a consumer product. We wanted to keep the spirit of travel alive and help people see how they can hit the road and see the world on their own terms.

Road Junky Travel Guides are by no means the authority on the world. They are instead written to make you think, laugh and get a rough feel for a country. We go the extra step and tell you things other guides don’t and won’t dare to discuss. We’re for the inspired, independent traveler. The person who can just get up and go. The person who is moved by what she sees. The dreamers.

Road Junky thrives on irreverence and satire. Our guides and articles aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. We don’t believe anybody in the world is better than anyone else and we have little regard for national identity. In the words of Dean Inge:

‘A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by a common hatred of its neighbours.’

If you’d like to get involved with Road Junky you can enter our regular writing and photography competitions and share your insights about where you’ve been for our community of alternative travellers to read.