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The Road Junky Sahara Retreat 2014 in Morocco – Jan 12 to 18

Once again we’re heading out into the dunes for a week of storytelling, music and meditation under the desert sky.

We’ve run 2 Sahara retreats now and they were both amazing experiences. We expected everyone to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the desert and to find time for reflection, to reconsider where their lives were going – what we didn’t expect was the almost-instant sense of community that emerged in the desert and the long-lasting friendships that were formed between those who came.

This year we’re putting a particular focus on mindfulness and meditation.

If you’ve ever tried to meditate but found it hard to keep your attention in the here and now in the rush of your daily routine, in the Sahara there can be such stillness and quiet that you can hear your own blood as it flows around your body. With no cell phones or internet you can tune into your original rhythm and experience the joy of being alive.

Sound too hippie? Don’t worry, the retreat is also a place to learn some aikido, tell travel stories around the fire and make some music with interesting people from around the world. Either way you’ll be blown away by the majestic dunes, the brightness of the stars in the desert and the magic of the Sahara.

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The Sahara Retreat runs from Jan 12 – 18 and costs 350 euros inclusive.

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