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Chinese Prisoners Forced to Play Online Role Playing Games

Ah, globalisation.

That China has one of the world’s most disgusting, cruel, murderous governments is not a secret to anyone who pays the least bit attention but their inventiveness in making a buck continues to astound. Shocking enough was the news that they sell organs of executed prisoners but now it’s come out that they force prisoners to play role-playing games, too.

Outsourcing is a fact of life these days – design and coding is done by tech flunkies in Bangladesh, school assignments are completed by university graduates in Delhi, there are even women who will grow your baby for you but who would have thought you could get people mining virtual gold for you?

For those who have a life, online role-playing games require characters to build up credits by performing repetitive actions like mining gold. These credits can be traded outside of the game on ebay and other forums, allowing Western players to progress without having to do the boring mouse clicks.

Instead, prisoners in Chinese jails do it for them. And if they don’t meet their quotas they get beaten and tortured.

And what do the Chinese think about this?

They probably don’t know. It’s this kind of article that gets sites like Road Junky banned behind the Great Firewall of China.

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