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Sai Baba is Dead! Millions Mourns! And We Have an Interesting Anecdote About Him…

Sai Baba is dead! Who will materialise gems out of thin air as baksheesh for Indian politicians now?

Sai Baba, variously known as an avatar, ambassador of world love and a total con man, has died at the age of 84 and millions of followers around the world mourn!

Renowned for his message of universal love and peace, his Jimi Hendrix hair-do and his uncanny ability to produce gems and sacred ash out of his hands, followers surrounded the hospital in large crowds until the police had to charge them down with sticks.

In recent years he suffered attacks from the likes of Guru Busters who alleged Sai was guilty of fraud and sexual abuse of his followers – were they so blinded by their cynicism to know that that was just part of being a mass market guru?

Incidentally, we happen to have an interesting anecdote about an English traveler of questionable mental equilibrium who lost his passport and refused to get a new one because he was a strict vegan and had learnt that animal products were allegedly used in passport photos. So he traveled down to Sai Baba’s ashram, having heard that the great guru could make watches, gems and ash (what is it with the ash?) appear from his hands – perhaps the godman could make him a nice passport photo too?

He was beaten up by Sai Baba’s bodyguards and thrown out of the ashram.

Bizarrely enough, after his parents flew out to help him, the British consul finally agreed to let an artist sketch his likeness into the passport photo space.

But back to Sai Baba. If there’s one thing India does well it’s mass hysteria; it’s part of the charm of the place and just check out the deluxe ashram, the flowers, the crowds touching the feet, the colour combinations – who needs rock and roll when you’ve got gurus like Sai?

We’re gonna miss you.