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Come and Join the 2 Wheels 4 Change Bicycle Circus in Central Asia!

Here’s the latest from the troubadors on 2 wheels – and an open invite to come and joint them!

We’re looking for people to travel in an intentional community of musicians and other performers. We’re cycling the planet, for the planet . . . raising awareness about the causes of environmental destruction. We try to help people find ways of living sustainably that fit with their specific cultural situations. We do so through public video screenings and open discussions about things like but not limited to: alternative education, alternative housing concepts, communal living. The Story of Stuff project continues to be a big inspiration and is supportive with materials.

This year we need translators from English, German or French, into Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, Kazak, Armenian, Georgian and Turkish, because we will be cycling through those areas. If more people join us and want to stay longer in Asia, we are also considering Malaysia, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal and India . . .

We will be cycling through the rural areas as much as possible and will take trains when visa requirements restrict the amount of time we can spend in each country. On self-made tallbikes and a longjohn carrying all of our theater and musical instruments, our average speed is 30km/day, and we often stop in interesting places to get to know the local people.

We earn enough money for our food through our music and circus-like street performances. Transportation and visa costs are shared equally between all members of the group, regardless of differences due to nationality or size and weight of the bikes and instruments! However, until we find more sponsors (hint, hint) these costs must be covered by personal savings.

We learn from each other, sharing skills and experiences (like the accordeon, cello, clarinet, trumpet, darbuka, clowning, acting, electrode welding, bike repairs, etc.) This isn’t always easy, but it’s better than going to school and definitely worth the time and patience!

If you want to join us for any period of time, or help us out with translating our material, write to 2wheels4change (at) gmail (dot) com

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