On the Road

Road Junky Sells Out to the Lonely Planet for Undisclosed Sum

This was our April Fool’s Joke for 2011 – it spoils the joke a bit to have to say so but a whole bunch of people were taking us seriously and vowing to never come back…

Everyone has their price.

Since Road Junky was founded back in late 2004 we have always aimed to be the black sheep of the guidebook family, to say what other magazines would be too afraid to publish, to put the spirit back into travel.

We hope you agree that we tried.

But the travel industry and the internet have come on a long way since then – no longer can a simple content site hope to really make it in the age of web 2.0 and smartphone apps – we neither have the resources or the skills to really make it on our own in an increasingly competitive business.

So we’re happy to announce our acquisition by Lonely Planet who presumably want to increase their kudos by bringing Road Junky under their comprehensive umbrella of travel sites. Editors Jim Klee and Tom Thumb will stay on for some time as part of the deal before retiring if not to a Caribbean Island (we didn’t sell out for that much!) then at least to a beach in South India while we plot our next move.

We wish to thank all you road junkies out there for living the dream with us and we hope you’ll continue to be firm supporters of the website as it takes on more experienced leadership from the folks at the world’s most successful travel guide.

Tom Thumb