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Tripping.com – Couchsurfing is Losing No Sleep

Smarmy, superficial and a waste of your time.

Tripping.com is something like a hybrid between Airbnb and Couchsurfing as it combines free hospitality exchange with paid listings and does neither well. In many ways it  seems a cynical offshoot of the internet hospitality phenomenon as it tried to get all the good karma points of online community and people helping each other out with the cold logic of a vacation rental site. It’s not the fault of the people working there – they’re just doing their job, after all and if they’re told to make a commercial site cool, groovy and viral then copying the framework of free hospitality sites is the obvious thing to do.

But there’s no one really to stay with, no one to meet and feels like a pale echo of what hospitality exchange has always been about.