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Slab City – Hippie City in California

Hippies living out in the desert in a world of their own.

Sheamus Vaughan sent us a link to this video and said:

I’m sure that you get hundreds of E-Mails about various locations across the globe, from various people. But this city is something special in my opinion, maybe just for the sole reason that it’s in America, and America seams cut off and detached from this sort of thing.

It seems a place where the summer of love generation can reminisce and attempt to continue living out their old memories, I believe it really is one of the last free places in the state of California, my home, and a great place in the world.

Slab City is probably familiar to many of you from watching Into the Wild and goes to prove the old maxim that anywhere the hippies go, the mainstream will eventually catch up in the end…

Check out the video from Current TV