Tom Thumb Telling Travel Stories Live at the Road Junky Festival

Always start with a joke.

I had told my stories a million times before around camp fires, in dingy hostels, to the drivers who picked me up – but never to a crowd of 250 travelers who crammed into the venue for the Road Junky Film Festival in May, 2010.

A theatre teacher once told me the key to communicating with the audience is transparency. When you can be fully authentic and naked about your personal truth, whatever that might be, then your vulnerability itself invites those watching to identify with you on stage.

It’s always painful to watch yourself on video though. You can see all the wheels and cogs going round, the times your voice loses control or you rush a joke. Still, Mitch Fournial did a great job of putting the video together and I hope that some of the feeling that was in that room comes across.

Watch the talk here