Tales of a Road Junky – Tom Thumb’s Latest Book!

It took 6 years to write…

I’m 33 now and I started traveling when I was 18 and in the years in between the experience were so weird, vivid and illuminating that there was an element of the compulsive involved – why else would I take so much LSD while following a Sufi dance teacher? Why else try to rescue someone from jail in Delhi? Why else end up selling fake Rolexes for the Israeli mafia in Tokyo?

A friend called me an experience junky and from there it was a short conceptual leap to find the name for this website begun back in 2004.

But still I’d never told the story of why I got on the road, how badly lost I got and how I eventually found some way back from The Edge. Tales of a Road Junky was begun when I was contemplating suicide in Brazil and it took 6 years to get enough perspective on what I was going through to tie it all together in a single book.

I’ve finally finished it and made the book available now by donation to read online or download. I hope you enjoy it.

The book features 5 main episodes in my travels:

Goa – Seasons in Paradise

The early years in Goa meeting the freaks from the 60’s and frying my brains dancing to moonlight alone on the beach.

Delhi Jail Story

The flip side to the Indian dream was the drug smuggling that kept most of the freaks on the road in the first place. When it all went wrong I was sent on a mission to rescue a girl facing ten years in one of the worst jails in the world.


A couple of years in the Promised Land getting to the heart of the Israeli Dream/Nightmare.

Fake Rolexes in Tokyo

Somehow I ended up working for the Israeli mafia peddling imitation goods in the street in Japan.

Rio de Janeiro

One night my head started to literally short-circuit as I found nowhere left to run to as I got in way over my head with with shady characters in Brazil.

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