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Drink Any Water Anywhere – and Save Lives

Over a billion people don’t have safe drinking water.

Of all the things we take for granted in the modern world, water on tap is probably one of the most basic. Imagine being thirsty, however not only having to walk half an hour to get water but also being afraid of contracting cholera, amoebas, guinea worm or any other number of diseases and parasites from it. Diarrhea from water-born diseases alone kills around 1.8 million a year.

Enter an engineer like Michael Pritchard who says we can change all of that by just investing in the right technology. He’s made a water bottle and a jerry can that purifies the worst water instantly – check out him purifying a tankful of sludge and drinking it. The filter is 15 nanometers wide, meaning that it takes out the tiniest of pathogens and heavy metals. Just 20 billion dollars invested in these bottles would mean everyone in the world could have clean drinking water.

This water bottle has to be a boon for the traveler, too. Imagine being on the road and never worrying again about the roadside water in India, or water taken from the river in the Amazon – no need to even boil it, just safe drinking water anywhere, any time.

It’s not the politicians who can change the world, it’s the engineers.

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