Download Hand to Mouth to India For Free Or Read It Online

The new media is free.

We’re living in the midst of a publishing revolution. Whereas once the dividing line in society was whether you could read or not, now it’s whether you publish or not. But as the power of writers and artists to distribute their work changes, so do the rules about how it reaches the audience.

Book piracy is already on the rise and the days of selling dead trees seem to be numbered. But just as more people download music via BitTorrent than via iTunes, an ebook is even easier to share with your friends in a couple of clicks or download from

Writers don’t make much money doing concerts (well, apart from Neil Gaiman) but I’m a believer that enough people actually want to reward artists for their work, they just don’t want to pay the fat cats in the middle. Until now it was hard to put money directly in the pocket of your favourite musician, artist or writer – Paypal makes that easy.

I wrote Hand to Mouth to India over 10 years ago now and it’s time to set it free. If you like the book and can afford a few bucks to help me keep writing then you can donate on the site. If you’re really broke right now, you can help out by spreading the word – emailing your friends, posting on Facebook – it all helps.

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