RJ Film Festival 2010 Entries

Do You Have a Tale to Tell at the Road Junky Festival in Berlin?

It’s time to speak up.

The Road Junky Travel Film Festival is a hybrid between a film festival and a traveler’s convention and we’re looking for interesting adventurers, explorers, pilgrims and freaks to come and share and give a talk for the daytime program.

So far we have:

Ludovic Hubler who will be speaking about his 5 year stint hitchhiking around the world.

– Neo-nomads Nans Thomassey and Guillaume Charroin will be talking about how to travel with no plans or money.

– Alexandre Harting will share his experiences of living 5 years in Mongolia.

– Tom Thumb will talk about hitchhiking to India and 14 years of non-stop travel around the world.

– Rory Miller will relate his experiences of time spent bumming around the US and studying with a Mexican shaman.

– David Bochu will tell us about how to travel the world with a video camera and make a buck

And others to be confirmed…

If you reckon you have a good tale to tell and would like to share it with hundreds of travelers at the festival and thousands more around the world as we stream the event live, drop a line to info at roadjunkyfilms.com