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Soygal Rinpoche – an Introduction to Meditation

Your 101 to what meditation is all about.

Throw a guidebook over your shoulder in India and odds are you’ll hit a traveler in search of truth, enlightenment or at least some cool orange robes to pull rank on all the other spiritual seekers.

Meditation seems to mean something different to everyone. There are hundreds of techniques, each more esoteric than the other, each garnished with exotic mantras, complicated breathing methods and flowery visualisations.

But most teachers tend to agree that meditation is a state, not a technique. Soygal Rinpoche is one of the most accessible guides to meditation you’re likely to come across. He takes a couple of minutes to warm up but then he gets into the heart of meditation and you can hear in his voice that he’s not just repeating words from a book, he’s speaking from a deep sense of mindfulness.