RJ Film Festival 2010 Entries

Submit Your Photos for the Road Junky Travel Festival

Exhibit your photos in Berlin.

We’ve decided to organise a photography exhibition at the Road Junky Travel Film Festival this year in Berlin, showing images from travelers to change the way we see the world.

We’re looking for images that tell a story or offer a unique perspective – not shots of the Eiffel Tower… the idea of the exhibition is to give photographers the chance to exhibit their work at no personal cost and reach a wider audience.

Each photographer can submit a maximum of 5 images (preferably a thematic series) with some text to give the audience some background about your shots.

You’ve got until the 5th of May to fill out the form and when you do you’ll get an email back from our photography guru with instructions on how to upload. Then we’ll make a selection and print out the chosen photos to exhibit at the festival.

Click here to take part!

And check out the photos coming in