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Ian and Fry’s Excellent Adventure

Original, fast-paced and charming.

Ian and Fry are two young English guys who did a full tour of South-East Asia, checking out the olympics, back-flipping on the Great Wall of China, eating scorpions in the street, getting drunk in discos, drenched in tropical rainstorms, playing traditional instruments, partying on Thai islands and generally being as innocent and unsophisticated travelers as can be.

And it’s charming.

These aren’t road-worn vagabonds impressing us with their hard core travel experiences; they aren’t original, wild or expert in local culture. They’re just themselves and they’re blown away by all that they see and do. And because they’re so honest and understated, their video is touching and meaningful in the way many other documentaries could never be.

Looks like they’ll make it to the short list for the Road Junky Travel Film Festival in Berlin, May 28-30…