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The 789 Hitchhking Gathering in Ukraine

Two thumbs can get you just about anywhere.

Mitch Fournial gives us a taste of the 2009 hitchhiking gathering in Odessa, Ukraine with interviews of hitchhikers and general footage of happy-go-lucky travelers startling the locals with their expressive antics.

This video got into the festival on the merits of the girl who hitchhikes through the town by foot, asking pedestrians to take her places of interest as they go along…

If anyone wants to meet up with fellow hitchhikers this year, the meeting will be on the 6th of August somewhere in Portugal – more info can be found at the 6.8.10 Hitchhiking Festival website

Which means travelers should head to the Road Junky Travel Film Festival at the end of May, then up to Finland for the European rainbow gathering before hitching across Europe to Portugal.

Though we predict half of the hitchhikers will take buses across Spain, perhaps the most miserable country in the world for hitchers…