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Road Junky is Banned Behind the Great Firewall of China

Unlike Google, we refused to play ball from the beginning.

Thanks to a road junky in China who accesses our site via proxy, we found out that has been deemed counter-revolutionary and damaging to the moral health of the People’s Republic of China.

We can only assume this is the consequence of the breakdown of talks in 2008 between the Road Junky editors and the Chinese government when they begged us to censor our analysis of the decision to let a merciless, torturing regime host the Olympics

We were warned that if we wanted our site to reach the most populous country on earth we had also better keep quiet about the harvesting of organs of political prisoners for profit and we were told in no uncertain terms not to even think about promoting Lu Guang’s photos of industrial pollution in China.

But unlike Google, we refused to play ball just for profit. The world’s biggest search engine might be withdrawing now in protest at being hacked by the Chinese government but until then they were happy to have results barred of say, the Tiananmen Square Massacre and only now are claiming the moral high ground.

The Great Firewall of China sporadically blocks services like Twitter and Youtube that might provoke dissent and insurrection from a population that still is brainwashed to idolise a mass murderer like Mao. The Chinese regime understands that information is power and even wanted to install spying software on all computers in China to monitor the internet activities of its subjects.

It’s a shame to be cut off from road junkies in China but given the state of things, we would be doing something wrong if we weren’t.