Work Abroad

How to Make $5 Anywhere Around the World

You can travel forever on $5 a day. More if you can pull it off …

And then God created the internet and he saw it was good.

Ok, so we know the internet is full of hundreds of millions of people looking for distraction, but now there’s a way for you to make money out of it. A service called Fiverr lets you offer to do any task you can think of for $5.

Some examples:

I will break up with your girlfriend for you for $5

I will call you in the middle of a date if it’s not going well and pretend to be your mother for $5

I will explain what is happening in Lost for $5

This idea is brilliant. And you can join, think up some cool task that will be in demand and start making cash via internet cafes on the road. Maybe you can offer travel advice, tell someone’s kid a goodnight story, suggest a cooking recipe, give an English lesson, draw a birthday card, listen to someone’s problems, explain how we worked out the world is probably round – just use your imagination.

And each time that someone buys your task they pay $5 of which the site takes $1 but if you can do that a couple times a day you can live in some parts of the world for as long as you like.

What will you do for $5?