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Are American Girls Easy?

In your hour of need, you can count on us…

Road Junky isn’t just a travel guide. It isn’t just a world culture magazine and meeting point for travelers all over the world. We’re also here to answer the questions and dilemmas troubling your soul, we care about your spiritual and emotional development.

So we were delighted to receive an email from a poor road junky in the US who wants to know if American girls are easy and whether his girlfriend is lying to him.

i have dated an american girl now for 2 years and cannot get this stigma out of my head about girls there being easy, she says she has had 13 other guys apart from me and she was 36 when we met, i thought american girls had that many guys in a year, i dont know if i can believe her, what do you think?

So come on road junkies, what should we tell this poor man? Are American girls easy or is that just a myth to boost tourism?