On the Road

Korakor – Spread the Love!

Love only makes the world go round if you believe it does.

Keveen is a French traveler in Central America who believes that love really does make the world go round and is doing his best through various projects to spread the love. We like it when people believe enough in their vision to actually try to put it into practice so we invited Keveen to chat to us about his project, Korakor.

RJ: What is KORAKOR all about?

Keveen: KORAKOR means a body to body connection (in French). It’s about becoming fully integrated and connected to the world we live in and to become an active member of the world community. It is experiencing the world at the heart of people, with them, through them and for them… It is loving the world and life unconditionally.

RJ: Tell us about KORAKOR TEACH, the Mobile Classroom.

Keveen: I have created KORAKOR TEACH, a mobile classroom that will go to villages of the entire world in order to teach and be taught. I will be teaching people what I can (languages, film-making, photography, primate behavior…) and in return they will teach me to become a better person.

My friends and those interested will help me run the program with personal donations (in exchange of a personal hand-made parcel containing children’s artworks, completed projects, local crafts and things as such…) or by joining me to volunteer. In exchange, the community provides me with accommodation, social integration, food and brotherly love.

It is basically based on participating as a member of the community in which I live.

The next KORAKOR TEACH will take place in February 2010 in a small village close to Oaxaca, Mexico.

RJ: KORAKOR VOYAGE? Is that like a guided tour?

Keveen: I normally travel alone and I believe this is the principal reason why I have experienced so many things and have had so many opportunities to live intense adventures. So by creating KORAKOR VOYAGE, I want to share my luck and take people to places they will not have the opportunity to see. It is not a guided tour as each participant will be actively involved in everything we do (from making organic mescal, to picking and roasting organic coffee beans or to helping us cut banana trees and sell them on the local market.

With my 15-day immersion trips, I want people to learn more about organic life. They will share the lives, fears and dreams of local people and get to have an unbiased understanding of their country and cultures.

I do not offer anything exotic or touristic, just a KORAKOR with a country and a people I love.

RJ: What role does film play in KORAKOR?

Keveen: I started writing poems and travel stories but quickly realized that very few people would actually read long stories. We are in the era of entertainment and need to be fed quickly. Our attention span is seriously reduced and I had to find a way to express my ideals in another form. So I started with photography. But however powerful photography was and is to me, it became obvious that in order to fully explore my artistic potential, film needed to be the next step and natural progression. With film-making, I can now embrace music, photography, story-telling, and many other art forms.

My current documentaries take my audience to the heart of people and what they most cherish in life: be it their music, their goats or their ambitions.

Here is my youtube channel where you can see my first attempts, and on which you will be able to see the upcoming projects…

RJ: You´ve traveled a lot, after all the poverty and injustice you must have seen on the way, do you still think it´s a beautiful world?

Keveen: We live in a wonderful world, filled with beauties and loving people. Injustice is present wherever you go, be it from the father who beats his kids to the cows who are milked to death. I believe we are slowly losing our natural compassion for life. We are growing more independent when it should be the opposite. We are all connected and I firmly believe that the injustices and atrocities that exist on this planet are directly connected to our behavior.

Unless we personally pledge to love unconditionally we will not see the end of it. So I firmly believe that we live in a wonderful world but that it is our moral duty as human beings to keep it beautiful and to ensure it stays this way and does not continue its tragic degeneration.

This is why i have started this simple movement called Spread Your Love, which emphasizes the need to recognize the love we each have inside and above all to boost people to express their own love.

Learn more about all of Keveen’s projects at “Korakor.fr“http://www.korakor.fr/