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Turkish Star Wars, Superman, Batman and Rampage

How to make hit movies without your own film industry? Simple. Steal footage of other movies and mix in your own home made scenes with local actors.

Turkish cinema has come a long way but here´s a lookback to 20 or 30 years ago when the only way to go was to make imitations of American blockbusters.

The Turkish Superman can fly just like the American one (albeit always against the same background), he can see, like, really far and when the bad guys shoot bullets at him, he can put on a constipated face and walk straight towards them.

Turkish Star Wars

Christmas as a kid always meant the TV channels paying for the big movies. In Turkey, they couldn´t afford their own special effects so they just kinda copy and pasted the American versions and spliced in their own hammy acting. Check out the leapfrogging breakdance master, Luke Skywalker and the scary dude who we think must be Darth Vader.

Luke seems to be advertising Shell Oil in his shiny jacket and the music switches between irritating Turkish pop and, help us out here, is that the Indiana Jones soundtrack?

Turkish Batman

This is actually pretty faithful to the original.

Turkish Rambo

Nothing is sacred. Even Rambo gets the Turkish treatment. Check out the bazooka that sounds like the plug is being pulled out of the bath.