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Indian Railways Employ Wrestlers to Intimidate Fare Dodgers

Pay up or get a brutal half-nelson. Yep, it’s still India.

India may be changing fast but there’s still plenty of room for whimsical invention on the subcontinent – one of the latest attempts to bring about a modern society by doing away with ‘ticketless evil’ on the railways is to hire boxers and wrestlers to intimidate fare dodgers

It takes me back to when I was hitchhiking to India was on the last leg when I jumped on a train overnight from Pune. When the ticket inspector turned up at 3am I was surprised, to say the least. I was soon astonished as the rural lad in front of me admitted to having no ticket and the inspector stood back and gave him a full length kick in the thigh.

When he came to me I said my line about being a pilgrim and so needing no ticket and he just rolled his eyes and walked on, saying:

‘What are you doing in India?’

Which was a harder question to answer than where is your ticket?