Drugs on the Road

Gregory David Roberts Talks About His Shantaram Smuggling Days

Travel stories from jail in Bombay and beyond.

It can’t be denied that Gregory David Roberts has had a colourful life. Having escaped from jail in Australia he spent years living in Bombay as a smuggler and experienced some pretty harrowing times in an Indian jail. He fictionalised his life story to write the thriller, Shantaram), and now you can’t walk into a traveler ghetto in India without seeing someone feverishly reading a copy and dreaming of the wild life of a drug smuggler.

Having put all that safely behind him, Roberts has reincarnated himself as a feel good motivational speaker, using his vivid travel anecdotes as a foil to his message of love and good will to all humanity. He comes across as a bit born-again at times but the stories are well worth a listen.

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