On the Road

Gazing at the Stars with Google On the Road

The wisdom of the ancients on your phone.

When I first started traveling the only people who carried cell phones were drug dealers and to be seen talking on one was a bit of a giveaway.

No travelers carried phones and not one person in a thousand knew what the word email meant.

Alas, those romantic days of tech-free travel are fading rapidly so you might as well embrace the change and get to know the stars with Google´s Sky Map. Many a stoned traveler has spent nights gazing at the stars, wondering what does it all mean, where their lives are going, or what their chances are with the cute backpacker they dragged up onto the roof to look for meteors.

The cool thing about travel, especially if you skip hemispheres, is that the skies change above you. Using Google´s Sky Map though you can recognize anything and find anything, even planets. Then just look up the wikipedia reference for the local myths regardgin the constellations and if you don’t get laid then you probably haven’t washed in a while…