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Fela Kuti — Black President Documentary

“Music is the weapon of the future….” -Fela Anikulapo Kuti, 1938-1997

What cannot be said about Fela Anikulapo (he who carries death in his pouch) Kuti?

Innovator of the ever-so-groovy afro-beat; human rights activist; anti-colonialist; “Africanist” visionary; lower class hero; notorious sexist and polygamist; government wanted rebel.

Much of this is portrayed in “The Black President”, an hour-long documentary about Fela, his entourage — The Africa 80 and the sights sounds and horrors of 1980s Nigeria.

Though his attitude towards women left much to be desired, his musical legacy and relentless fight against oppression has captivated and inspired the hearts (and dance-floors) of Nigerians and others to this day.

Warning: Afro-beat may cause hypnotic swaying of the hips, and jubilant wiggling of the upper torso.

The last words of this clip are: “…no Capitalism, no Marxism-Leninism; Africanism!”

Yonah Adelman