Hand to Mouth to India by Tom Thumb- Out Now!

Support your Road Junky editor so he doesn’t have to hitchhike to India again.

Dear Road Junkies,

[UPDATE: the book can now be read for free online here#

So you’ve read half of the book online and I’ve told you the long, complicated story of how the book was written – now the book is finally on sale at Amazon it’s time to see how many road junkies will support their struggling editor as he enters his 30’s and feels the weight of his years on the road in his bones…

I hitchhiked from England to India when I was 20 out of a combination of idealism, laziness and the sheer arrogance of youth that convinced me the journey would be possible. I took my cues from Sufi stories, anecdotes of travelers from the Road to Kathmandu in the 70’s and even the Bible where Jesus exhorts his followers not to worry about what they’ll eat tomorrow.

Hand to Mouth to India is a youthful tale; escaping from the confines of home, chasing faraway dreams and with a voice that swings from the ranting to the humourous in a paragraph, prompting Time Out to comment: Thumb’s erratic self-consciousness can be entertaining at times which almost qualified as a positive review.

Another book of travel tales is on the way, featuring anecdotes from the days of Goa Trance, jail stories in Delhi, selling fake Rolex watches in Tokyo, 2 years as a Goy Boy in Israel and getting mixed-up with the mafia in Brazil – but we’re only going to publish it if you cheap bastards buy enough copies of Hand to Mouth to India…

Thanks for all your support over the years,