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Kutiman – Thru-You, Israeli Youtube DJ Blows Everyone Away

Take a bunch of amateurs and session musicians from Youtube and make something amazing.

Kutiman, aka Israeli artist, Ophir Kutiel, released his new project Thru-You to 20 friends. It then spread virally (think Swine Flu on amphetamines) and scored over a million views inside a week.

We live in a world of fusion. Tamari sauce is added to pasta, London parks host capoeira circles and Japanese teenagers dress in gangsta hip-hop gear. Kutiman has dipped into the Youtube collective consciousness and blended the sounds and songs of home-recorded musicians from around the world into a magic potion worthy of a musical Getafix.

Here are all 8 pieces of Kutiman’s fusion revolution genius:

Mother of All Funk Chords

This is What it Became

I’m New

Babylon Band

Some Day

Wait For Me

Just a Lady

And Kutiman here explains just how he came up with Thru-You and how it was made. We want more, more, more.

Wired also ran an article on Kutiman and one of the scarier prospects is that the archaic copyright laws might threaten this kind of Youtube mixing but even thinking about a case this complicated would probably give most judges a migraine.