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Law and Disorder in Johannesburg with Louis Theroux

When the police don’t do their job and buildings are taken over by the mafia, those with anything to protect turn to freelance militia.

Louis Theroux takes a BBC crew to Johannesburg to spend some time with the security teams there who have taken over the jobs that the South African police just can’t be bothered doing. With his typical quirky interviewing technique, Louis Theroux is the perfect foil for the violent characters who play vigilante on the streets of Johannesburg.

Law and Disorder in Johannesburg is tough, compelling viewing. Suspects are beaten to dissuade them from future offences and everyone seems to believe the opinion expressed by a farmer who hires Bad Boys, one of the security teams, when he says:

‘I hate to say it but it seems it’s an African solution to an African problem.’

It might as well have been Kurtz from Heart of Darkness yelling exterminate the brutes!

Take an hour and watch Theroux’s revealing documentary about the streets of Johannesburg.