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Ken Tanaka, American Youtube Comedian in Japan

“Hello, Youtube, it’s me – Ken Tanaka!”

Ken Tanaka is rising to fame on Youtube with his videos about Japanese life and culture. With deadpan irony he speaks English with the accent and idiosyncrasies of a Japanese person – perhaps because, as his Youtube name Helpmefindmyparents suggests, that he was adopted and raised in Japan?

Well, no, but it’s a good gag and it’s a fair bet that his goofy charade has fooled tens of thousands so far.

Tanaka Teaches How To speak Japanese Without Saying a Word

Ken Tanaka’s Youtube channel is prolific and even outside Japan he continues his tongue-in-cheek look at Japanese culture around the world. At other times though, he just takes the piss:

Ken Tanaka Interviews a Dominatrix in Little Tokyo

Here we learn about a rabbit with multiple penises and the quirks of dominatrix bars in Tokyo.

Why Do Men Go to Hostess Bars in Japan?

Ken Tanaka explores how the girls at the hostess clubs are ‘selling dreams’ and looks inside the tortured souls of the customers.

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