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Fake Diplomas Get Travelers Jobs Abroad?

Education is worth investing in. A good $190 well spent.

Young travelers hitting the road are warned not to roam for too long lest they miss out on a college education and end up without qualifications. Older travelers, too, look back on their misspent youth and wonder just what kind of job they can get now that they’re getting long in the tooth and still have no letters after their name.

http://www.diplomamakers.com are a possible cure for such preoccupations, providing the traveler with a diploma in the subject of their choice, complete with transcripts. Marketed as realistic novely diplomas and are intended exclusively for entertainment use , the site is careful not to imply that anyone should use these fake diplomas for the purposes of deceiving an employer.

In fact the Q&A section is a hoot. They do everything to disclaim themselves of any potential fraudulent use of the fake diplomas.

As long as it is understood that these are not real degrees as issued by educational institutions, but rather novelty degrees, and are intended exclusively for entertainment use, we will let you the customer tell us where you want your degree from and what you want on it.

Although wisely, they specify:

Can I get any type of degree I wish?

Yes, with exception to degrees in the medical field, we will produce the degree of your choice.

Naturally, nor would Road Junky ever condone or encourage any kind of fraudulent use but no doubt there are travelers out there getting well paid jobs teaching English in South Korea or Japan with these fake diplomas, getting their apartments arranged for them and, in some cases, their flights paid.

Fortunately, we are confident in the moral fibre of our readers to resist such temptations and urge them to go $60,000 into debt to attain a piece of paper in a discipline that odd-on will never really serve them except to prove to future employers that they’re good at jumping through hoops…