Travel Health

Gamma Rays Attack Travelers in Flight

Call us paranoid but maybe we were never meant to fly after all.

Scientists have found that gamma rays are given off by thunderstorms and that there are these tiny particles rushing around at ‘ultrarelativistc speeds’ – try getting that one out at the bar after a few drinks.

Joseph Dwyer, a physicist at the Florida Institute of Technology, is worried:

“We just don’t know enough. The consequences are bad enough that people could potentially get hurt from this,” he said. “This is a call for more research. We really need to find out where we are and how big these things are. Could people be hit by these things and get sick? And how would you know?”

As long as pilots avoid storms, you should be ok, but sometimes there’s just no way around them. Why take the chance? We’re now officially joining Plane Stupid and taking boats, buses, trains and camels from now on.

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